Beauty ice-globes

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This beauty ball is ice-free and heat resistant. It can be widely used in lifting, massage, detoxification, relaxation, and nutrition introduction of face, eyes, and all parts of the body. It is a necessary beauty tool for beauty agencies and personal care. 1. Magnetic wave energy: lift and tighten, create V-shaped face; improve dry fine lines, moisturize skin. 2. Refreshing and revitalizing skin: improve acne and pore coarseness; repair sunburn, resist allergy, and improve redness. 3. Heat energy wakes up skin: lock water and moisturize, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging; improve fine lines, pouches, and dark circles of eyes. 4. Body health care: it can be used for detoxification, scraping, and massage of the back, abdomen, and limbs of the body.